eBay Tells Users to Change Their Passwords Following Cyber Attack

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eBay has suffered a “cyber attack.” Through a brief note originally posted to PayPal’s press site this morning, password changes are being recommended, thanks to the attack which “compromised an eBay database containing encrypted eBay passwords and other non-financial information.” eBay took a while to confirm the news, but has now confirmed the attack and that its users should change passwords immediately. 

PayPal, who is owned by eBay, mentioned in their brief press release that PayPal accounts should be fine after the attack. They are claiming that “extensive forensic research has shown no evidence of unauthorized access or compromise to personal or financial information for PayPal customers.” They also said that “PayPal customer and financial data is encrypted and stored separately, and PayPal never shares financial information with merchants, including eBay.”

eBay mentioned in their post that the attackers gained access by compromising eBay employee credentials, which allowed access to the corporate network. Information like eBay customers’ name, encrypted password, email address, physical address, phone number and date of birth were accessed. However, this database did not include any financial info.

To read more about the attack, hit up the source links below.

Before you do that, be sure to change your eBay password.

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