Additional LG G3 Press Images Leaked, Rear Sensor to be Laser Auto Focus for Camera

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It was only yesterday when our eyes were met with the gorgeous sight of complete LG G3 press renders. Today, more renders are hitting the web thanks to @evleaks (who is on a serious roll this week), this time with the display turned on, showing off one of the lockscreen wallpapers we can expect to see on the device upon launch. 

These press renders are set up exactly like the ones we saw yesterday, but with these, we get a bit better look at the device’s display and bezel (or lack thereof). And again, just like the previous images, we get to see the device in the three color variants – Gold, Grey, and White.

One juicy piece of info @evleaks also included in a separate tweet is that the mystery sensor along the backside of the device, which at first many assumed was an IR blaster for controlling your TV, is actually to be a laser sensor for auto focus while using the G3’s camera. When in use, this laser would allow users to keep both hands on the device while focusing, no longer needing to tap on the display to focus.

May 27. That is the day you will want to mark on your calendar if this is the phone you have been waiting for. Kellen and I will both be on hand for when the device is announced to go hands-on with it, so stay tuned for more G3 action.


Via: @evleaks [2]



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