Minuum Debuts What Their Keyboard Will Look Like on Google Glass

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The third-party keyboard Minuum has already made an impact on the Android tablet and phone markets, but its creators are now looking to expand their services to other devices. In a blog post today, Minuum said that smart glasses will now have the same comfortable typing experience that the keyboard company has produced elsewhere. Minuum released a video showing how its unique in-line keyboard works with taps and slides along Google Glass’ touchpad. 

The biggest challenge in developing a Google Glass keyboard is the lack of screen space that can be interacted with. To fix this problem, the Minuum keyboard will be in a single line that works with slides, taps, and word prediction to get the job done. This is the direction they will be moving forward with, but at the end of the video, they show a few proof-of-concept ideas that would be unique to Google Glass.

Typing through eye tracking plus projecting a virtual keyboard on your arm for typing, which are just a couple of the ideas shown, sound like amazing concepts that someone out there definitely needs to do.

What do you think of bringing a full keyboard experience to Google Glass?


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