Dark Lands Arrives on Google Play, a Side-scrolling Mix of 300 and Temple Run

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A new game called Dark Lands from Bulkypix, the same publishing house that brought Type:Rider and Dead Effect to Android, hit Google Play this morning. The game features different modes for playing, but the first mode unlocked is Survival. In this mode, you play a hero in an endless side scroller, killing super evil enemies while avoiding deadly traps. These traps include buzz saws, spikes sticking out of the ground, and cages full of slaves. 

The traps are really not your main concern, though; as you get deeper into a round, you will find that the enemies only get bigger and more evil. For example, you start out only seeing baby orcs who are unarmed, but after not too long, you are going up against gigantic flying multi-eyed monsters and minotaurs.

While avoiding traps and killing baddies, you must collect shining coins and power ups, which allow you to upgrade your hero. You can upgrade your sword, armor, and overall look with these collected coins.

The game is free to download, so go check it out on Google Play.

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