Google Wallet Coming to Google Glass According to Sources

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According to sources of TechCrunch, Google is internally testing Google Wallet for use with Google Glass. Once testing is complete, and a rollout of the glassware takes place for users, sending money from your account to another account will be as easy as saying, “Okay Glass, send money to John Smith.”

For anyone who has used this same sending money feature through Gmail, it should work the exact same way

The easily-predictable use case would be if you were using Glass at a restaurant, and you allowed your friend to pay the bill. If you wanted to quickly pay your friend back, simply tell Glass, “send money to my homey.” It should be as easy as that.

No specific timeframe is mentioned for when Glass owners might be able to use Google Wallet on their headsets, but details coming forth, it could be soon.

Via: TechCrunch



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