HD Widgets 4 is Rolling Out With New Widgets and Updated UI

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HD Widgets, one of the most popular weather and clock widget apps on Android, receive a major update today to version 4. The update includes a facelift on the UI, more weather information, and a handful of new oft-requested widgets.

On a UI front, the app now features a slideout menu to make it “ready for Kit Kat and later.” The new slideout menu has sections for active widgets, theme packs, tools/settings, weather locations, guides, and links to other resources. You will also see a new weather screen with a bunch of info above the fold like current conditions, hourly forecast graphs, and daily forecasts. 

As for the widgets, there are a bunch of new widget features including single-column widgets, location based widgets, custom weather icons, and smart stats.

HD Widgets will also rollout their next major theme, called Kairo, next week, once everyone has updated.

They are utilizing Google’s staged rollout method of updating apps since they have more than 800,000 active users. You may not see the update right away, as they are doing it in batches to stop any major problems before the app hits everyone.

To read more about this latest update, hit the source link below.

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