5 Fresh Icon Packs to Check Out: Flazing, Struktur, Velur, OffCorner, and YAFI

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If your Android home screen is due for an overhaul, today is the day to do it. We are presenting to you today, five great new icon packs, ranging from the traditional long-shadow all the way to new and exciting textures. Flazing is a pack with bright colors and a paper-esque texture, Struktur is a rounded pack with a striped background, Velur is your traditional long-shadow pack, but with extra flair, OffCorner takes a new spin on things by placing all the actual glyphs down at the bottom right corner, and YAFI (Yet Another Flat Icons) is a flat pack with a great color palette.


The most unique thing about Flazing is the background — all of the icons are backed by a texture made to look like paper, and the colors in front are bright standouts. The icons themselves are squares with rounded corners, with the pack totaling to more than 1,050. A lot of the glyphs share in the look of the background, which makes the overall package seem even better. The best part about Flazing is, it is currently on sale. You can grab this hotness for just $0.99 over on Google Play – you likely won’t be regretting this one.

Play Link ($0.99)


Struktur looks to be your traditional icon pack at first sight, with clean glyphs and backgrounds that are not too aggressive on rounded icons, but it features a striped background that’s pretty new to us. With 627 icons and 20 HD wallpapers, you may be seeing a notable bunch of your apps unthemed, but the look may be enough to outweigh the cons. Struktur will run you $1 on Google Play, as, coincidentally, it is also on sale for 40% off.

Play Link ($1)


Though Velur packs a traditional long-shadow styling (which many of you have had enough of), it packs some additional noteworthy styling. The circular icons all feature rings around them to match the general color of the glyph, and for the most part these add to the appeal of the pack. Although, sometimes these can be disconcerting if you have certain icons together on your home screen. Vertumus, the developer of Cryten (another one of our favorite icon packs), has thrown in more than 1,200 icons and 41 wallpapers, which is almost at kovdev level in terms of quantity. Velur retails for $1.49 over on Google Play.

Play Link ($1.49)


We’ve talked up OffCorner before, back when it was in its beta stage, but it has finally been released to the world. OffCorner comes in two flavors: square with rounded edges, and circular. Naturally, the glyphs are all “off corner,” with all coming in at the bottom right. The 15-year old developer has created over 600 icons, bundled 5 wallpapers, and there’s the promise of more to come. Both the square and round varieties are $1.79 over on Google Play.

Play Links: Square ($1.79) | Round ($1.79)

YAFI (Yet Another Flat Icons)

With over 1000 icons, YAFI looks to take the traditional flat icon look and add upon it with extra features. Icons are easily recognizable because of the clever color palette, too. YAFI comes with 24 white dock icons, an analog clock widget, and wlpapR integration as well, in case you want the most bang for your buck. YAFI costs $2.08 to download over at Google Play

Play Link ($2.08)

That’s all we have for this one, folks! Another couple of great packs are on the horizon, too, so we look forward to doing the next icon pack roundup. As always, if you find anything noteworthy, let us know and it may find its way into a post.



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