Video: Google Camera Quick Look and Tour

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As you now know, Google released a stand-alone camera app, called Google Camera, to the Play store this morning. The app is a major step towards bringing an excellent camera experience to not only Nexus devices (which have sorely needed it), but other Android handsets as well, since it runs on any device with Android 4.4+.

The new camera app introduces a brand new UI that replaces the old, confusing, and difficult-to-navigate UI of the stock Android app for Nexus phones. It’s refreshing actually, with a slideout camera options menu, a 100% viewfinder, and a massive shutter button that you likely won’t miss. 

The camera also introduces things like a new Lens Blur mode (for the bokeh lovers in the building) that lets you refocus images after the fact. You’ll find higher resolution settings for Panorama modes, a stand-alone settings menu, and Photo Sphere for all.

Check out the tour of the new app below.




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