Verizon Wants Month-to-Month Customers to Move to MORE Everything Starting April 17

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Friends with unlimited data on Verizon who are on month-to-month contracts, are you ready to give up your precious plan for the land of the tiers? Big Red, starting on April 17, is willing to let you into their new MORE Everything plans at exclusive pricing for a limited time. What’s that, did you stop reading? Can’t say I blame you, but here is the deal anyway. 

If you are on a month-to-month contract and want to “experience savings immediately,” Verizon will give you a discount on your smartphone monthly access charge depending on how much data you choose. Should you select a data package at 8GB or below, you’ll see a $10 savings on your smartphone line. If you choose a 10GB package and above, you’ll see a $25 savings on your line.

For example, if you choose 2GB for $50, your smartphone access line charge would be $30 per month instead of $40. Your monthly bill would then be $80 for 2GB of data, plus unlimited talk and text. If you chose 10GB of data, you would be looking at $100 for the 10GB of data, plus $15 for the smartphone line, bring you to a grand total of $115 per month. I’ll let you decide if that’s a deal or not.

Also, Verizon is opening up this prices to new customers who want to bring their own devices or sign-up for Verizon EDGE.

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