Amazon Reportedly Prepping 3D Hologram-like Capable Smartphone to Launch in September

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According to The Wall Street Journal, who spoke with sources briefed on upcoming Amazon plans, the massive online retailer will look to get its smartphone feet wet in 2014, with a device reported to come with a rather futuristic feature.

The company has been briefing developers in both the San Francisco and Seattle regions, detailing a device capable of giving off a 3D hologram-like appearance to images. 

The feature is said to be based around four front-facing cameras and sensors, which will track the user’s retinas, allowing the image to be manipulated depending on how it is being viewed. No other specs or details regarding that feature were reported, and of course, Amazon gave no comment to WSJ regarding the rumor.

According to the report, Amazon is set to announce the device this June, with plans to ship it in September.

While I would admit it does sound rather gimmicky, if done right, it could be insanely cool.

Via: WSJ



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