T-Mobile Announces Simple Starter Plan, $40 for 500MB of Data and Unlimited Talk/Text


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This morning, T-Mobile kicked off three days of new Uncarrier announcements by introducing their Simple Starter Plan. The new affordable plan runs just $40 and lands customers with unlimited talk and text, plus 500MB of 4G LTE data. Keep in mind that T-Mobile also doesn’t do data overages, so should you hit the 500MB cap, they’ll only throttle you for the rest of your billing cycle rather than charge you extra. (Edit: This plan appears to be different than other T-Mobile plans. Normally T-Mobile would throttle you, but this seems to be a hard cap. If you want more than 500MB of data, you’ll have to purchase more.)

To compare, both AT&T and Verizon offer plans at around $45 with similar benefits. AT&T’s only includes 300MB of data, while Verizon’s matches T-Mobile’s at 500MB. To receive prices that low on Big Red or AT&T, you’ll either have to bring your own device or buy a new device through their monthly payment plans (with Verizon, you may be required to join EDGE).

The pricing wars continue, something we don’t have a problem with. For far too long have the U.S. wireless carriers slapped us around with insanely high usage fees.

As T-Mobile rolls out their other two Uncarrier announcements over the coming days, we’ll be sure to share.

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