This Improved USB Cable Brings a Reversible Connector, Coming This Year

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USB cables have never been the most frustration-free things in the tech world, and many of us (myself included) have yet to plug one in correctly on our first attempts. The new design, known as USB Type-C, has been officially confirmed by the USB Implementers Forum (IF) at Intel’s Developer Forum conference today. 

The main changes include a small, reversible connector on both sides, meaning you can plug your phone and laptop into either end rather than the “bigger one on the laptop, smaller one on the phone” philosophy we work with already.

Type-C cables will be fully supporting 10Gbps transfer rates found on the USB 3.1 specification, and they’ll do this while having USB ends measuring just 8.35×2.55mm — keep in mind that, despite the fact that this is much smaller than the traditional USB connector, this is larger than Micro-USB.

Specifications for Type-C will likely be completed by the IF in July 2014 according to CNET, which means we’ll likely see some cables to try out by the end of the year. The transition for mainstream PC and mobile device manufacturers, however, will likely be slower.

Also according to CNET, here are the current design attributes of the cable:

  • It’ll make an audible click when plugged in correctly.
  • It’s designed to accommodate future USB incarnations with higher data-transfer speeds.
  • It’ll support USB’s growing role in carrying power to operate and charge devices through the USB Power Delivery technology.
  • It’s designed to be plugged and unplugged 10,000 times.

Are you ready to finally stop getting laughed at by your Lightning connector-toting iPhone buddies? Let us know down in the comments.




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