Google Play Newsstand Updated to 3.2.0 – Includes Reworked Layout, New Combined Sections

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It’s Wednesday, which often times means that Google is going to release all sorts of updates to its suite of Android apps. We already saw a sizable update to Keep, but are now seeing one with Play Newsstand

In the update, which jumps us up to v3.2.0, we’re seeing a re-organized app in terms of layout and sections. From the main “Read Now” tab, you’ll see topics strung across the top for Highlights, News, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, and so on. A swipe to the right or left will jump you in between them quickly. In the navigation menu, the My News and My Magazines sections have been combined into a My Library tab. We’re also seeing the “Keep Read Now on device” option missing, which was a way for you to store that section on your device for offline reading. Maybe the app is doing that automatically now? I would hope not.

The rest of the app is then mostly the same, but this update certainly makes finding news easier, thanks to the new categories on the main Read Now page.

We have both Play and .apk links for you below.

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