Samsung and HTC Try to Pull Off Same April Fools’ Prank – a Smart Glove

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Every year, we sit back on March 31 and wait to see what kinds of silly ideas tech companies can try to push through on April Fools’ day. Google has decided to kick things off earlier and earlier each year, but the rest at least wait until it’s midnight somewhere in the world. Two of those companies are HTC and Samsung, both of which tried to pull off the same exact prank – the introduction of a smart glove. 

Samsung’s is called Samsung Fingers, while HTC created the Gluuv. HTC’s requires that you strap your brand new One (M8) to your wrist to take 87.2MP “armie” photos, while Samsung went a little more realistic with its 16MP selfie camera.

The ideas are filled with tongue-in-cheek references to cultural oddities and jokes. I think the biggest joke may be that HTC realized that their fake wearable needed a higher-resolution camera than their actual flagship phone. OK, I’ll get over it.

You tell us who did it better.


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