Report: Apple Debates Bringing Official iTunes App to Android

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In an interesting story that broke late last week, it is being reported by Billboard that Apple is currently mulling over the idea of launching an official iTunes application for Android devices. At the heart of the report is a year-over-year drop in iTunes percentage of sales, as well as an 11% drop in music sales in the US.

As a new source of income, Apple will also attempt to launch a true on-demand service to compete against Spotify, Beats Music, and Google’s All Access, according to this report.

Much like many other stories that concern Apple’s long-term goals, Steve Jobs was brought up, as it was known that he felt fans would never pay subscription prices for music. At the time, he might have been right, but the market is ever changing. If Apple wishes to continue remaining relevant in the music sales space (they currently hold more than 40% of┬árecorded music revenue in the US), it may be time to look at subscription avenues

According to Billboard’s sources, the thought of an iTunes app for Android is still in the very early stages, meaning we could be months upon months before we see any evidence of an actual app.

If an iTunes app launched for your Android device, would you use it? If you are a Mac user, it’s sometimes hard not to use iTunes, but thanks to All Access from Google, I haven’t used iTunes in quite some time.

Via: Billboard



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