The Running Dead, by Far the Most Pixelated Zombie Game You’ll Ever Come Across

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A new game on Google Play, The Running Dead, is challenging you to survive 30 days in a zombie apocalypse. For all you zombie killers, that may sound like a breeze, but what about surviving in a world that is pixelated beyond belief? 

Each level in the game that you pass is a day. After my time with this title, I’ve gotten through 8 days, so I can honestly say it’s a pretty difficult game. The controls are extremely basic, as all you can do is jump, double jump, and shoot a little pistol.

As your character runs through a level, you must dodge brain-hungry zombies or shoot your way through the hordes. But again, it’s pretty hard to tell what the heck is going on with so much pixelation going on.

The game is free, although I can’t lie, a metric crap ton of ads await any player willing to take up the challenge. The ads are not shown during gameplay, but since you die very often, you’re bound to see quite a few. Do I think ads make a game awful? Not entirely, but they certainly turn me off from a game a lot quicker than a game without them.

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