Galaxy S5 Experience App Brings the Eyes-on Look of the GS5 to Your Own Device

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If you are on the fence about the Galaxy S5, possibly more curious about how the device performs, then you will need to check out a new app from Samsung. The company has created the Galaxy S5 Experience app, which aims to put the Galaxy S5 right in your hands, without actually doing so. 

In the app, users can get a hands-on/eye-on feel for the Galaxy S5, but exploring its features, and the ability to touch Samsung’s new TouchWiz interface running atop Kit Kat. If you have been paying attention to what Kellen and I have been saying, then you will know that our feelings about TouchWiz are actually quite positive lately.

You can explore the GS5’s super-quick auto focus camera, how it handles your fitness needs, check out its Download Booster feature, and much more. Yes, your phone is merely playing a video of how the GS5 will perform, but it is still a great way to actually visualize the phone’s performance.

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To get a eye-on look at the Galaxy S5 from the comfort of your own chair, check it out on Google Play.

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