“What’s New” in Google Play Listings Now Configurable for Alpha, Beta, and Production Releases

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Changelogs – they’re an important step for any developer who pushes out an update to an application. Today, Google announced changes to the What’s New section for developers, as creators can now configure the section to show changes for different versions of their applications. 

For example, a different changelog can now be shown if a user downloads the beta version of an app. In that same instance, if someone downloads the production version (aka general release version), they will see a separate changelog. The same goes for Alpha builds, too.

For those of you concerned with changelogs as much as we are here at DL, this is a step in the right direction. However, it’s still up to developers to maintain an updated changelog for their apps.

Keep up the good work, devs.


Via: Google
Cheers Dave!



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