HTC One (2014) Dummy Unit Compared to iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4, LG G2, and Others

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This morning, the world is getting yet another look and perspective on the HTC One (2014). Steve Hemmerstoffer, a French technology blogger, was able to get his hands on an HTC One (2014) dummy unit, posting comparison photos of the M8 unit alongside popular smartphones.

The photos give a good idea of how the HTC One measures up to the iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4 and Note 3, the Sony Xperia Z1, and the LG G2. Its accentuated curves and height (it’s taller than all but the Z1 and Notes 3) differentiate it from the rest, to say nothing of obvious standouts like the dual cameras and stereo speakers.

Those considering upgrading to a One (2014) won’t have to wait much longer. HTC is scheduled to announce the device next week, and will supposedly make it available for order immediately following the unveiling.


Nouveau-HTC-One-201-VS06 Nouveau-HTC-One-201-VS08 Nouveau-HTC-One-201-VS05 Nouveau-HTC-One-201-VS010

Nouveau-HTC-One-201-VS07 Nouveau-HTC-One-201-VS012 Nouveau-HTC-One-201-VS014 Nouveau-HTC-One-201-VS021

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