Samsung Intros New LED Flash Components for Advanced Mobile Devices, Will be Used in the Galaxy S5

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Samsung made yet another announcement this morning, introducing new LED flash components to help smartphone photographers produce higher quality images while on the go. As a few may know, LED flashes found on smartphones have never been anything too special and usually have a tendency to render a photo either useless or somewhat painful to look at. They have one sole purpose, to brighten a dark space, but usually end up washing out whatever subject you are trying to capture. 

Regardless of the past, Samsung is pushing forward with new LED components, ones which should rival those of the pros. Samsung will be on hand at MWC to show off these new LEDs, and hopes to see the flashes hit the widespread market within Q2 of this year. In the announcement, Samsung confirms that the new LED technology will be used in the upcoming Galaxy flagship device, so future Galaxy S5 buyers should be excited already.

Since I don’t know too much about LED technology, I will let Samsung handle the technical explanation of what it is they are doing.

Because high-quality smartphone cameras require a wider FOV (Field of View) angle for better picture quality, Samsung’s new reflector-integrated flash LEDs are designed to enable a great deal of flexibility by providing a wide FOV within a small space through the integration of a light source,  a lead frame, and a reflector with its own optics and diffusion features.

Of the latest LED mobile offerings, Samsung’s new reflector-integrated flash LED ─ the 3432 1.8t (FH341A) delivers over 165 lux at 1A and a minimum CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80, assuring quality photos in daylight and at night. In recognition of such superb performance levels, the 3432 1.8t will be used in the next Galaxy smartphone, which is expected to be introduced later this month.

I would be the first person to say that I hate flash photography, but if Samsung can make it a little less terrible on smartphones, I’d be impressed.

The Galaxy S5 is to be announced in less than a week, so let’s see what Samsung can do.

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