Verizon Launches Limited Time $45 Plan With Unlimited Talk, Text, and 250MB of Data (Updated)

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Last night, we received word from sources who said that Verizon would launch two new smartphone plans this morning at prices somewhat lower than they currently offer. The first, would give you access to unlimited talk and text, along with 250MB of data for as little as $45 per month (plan now live). The second, would give you that same unlimited talk and text, along with 1GB of data for $60 per month. At first glance, those may not sound like deals, but if you consider that those prices are for the entire package, they technically are.

Let me explain. 

Verizon normally charges you a per phone set price per month for unlimited talk and text that runs $40 per device. They then tack on a data package as a separate charge, with the lowest being 250MB for $20. If you do the math right there, you are looking at $60 per month, yet Verizon is now running  a new “limited time offer” that will get you that same package for $45.

If you consider the second package I mentioned for $60 with unlimited talk, text and 1GB data, you would normally be looking at $90 per month ($40 per phone plus $50 for 1GB data) on a Share Everything plan. Again, that’s a $30 savings per month.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 7.45.20 AM

Are these new plans Verizon’s reaction to what T-Mobile and AT&T have been doing? Maybe. They still involve contracts, but they are certainly cheaper than the typical Share Everything plans that Verizon has been running with for the last year or so.

At this time, Verizon’s site is requesting that you find a store nearby or call them to sign-up for these plans. There are no other references to them on their site that I can find outside of the home page.

*Note – Verizon’s home page currently only shows the $45 plan, but again, sources of ours say they also have a $60 plan. We’re trying to get official confirmation on that other plan. Will update this post shortly.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 8.09.42 AM

Update:  Here is a second confirmation from yet another source. Also, note the data overage charges on these plans. Talk about steep.

verizon limited $60 plan

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