Google Bringing Chrome Apps to the Mobile World Through Google Play and iOS App Store

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For as long as Chrome has been around, Google treats its browser like its own ecosystem. Chrome Apps are a big part of that, but Google does not want those awesome apps to be tied only to your desktop or browser. Today, Google announced that they are opening up a program to developers that will allow them to bring their Chrome Apps to Google Play and iOS. 

Right now the program is just a developer preview, but it allows for people to take their existing Chrome Apps and easily port them to Google Play. The toolkit provided builds a native application shell around the existing app so that it will play well with the mobile platforms it will find itself on. Google is testing with letting developers run their app in an emulator of sorts or using a new Chrome Apps Developer Tool to get the job done.

If enough developers get behind this idea, Google could put some serious work into it. Think of a day where you can use the same app across your desktop, Chrome browser, phone and tablet. Just the kind of connectivity that Google loves.

If you are a developer looking to get into this program check out the source link below.

Via: The Next Web



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