Moto X With a Walnut Finish: First Look

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Our custom made Moto X with a Walnut finish has arrived, so as is typical around these parts, we took it for a spin on camera to let you see and hear our thoughts on it. As one may have expected after seeing our Bamboo unboxing, we are pleased with the results. A real wood back with custom accents, on the phone that our staff unanimously gave “phone of the year” in 2013 to. How can you beat that? 

As many of you know, the new options for “Natural” backs went live at the beginning of the week for a $25 up-charge over standard MotoMaker made devices. We placed our order immediately when they became available, so that’s not a bad turn-around from order to arrival if you consider the wood backs being used. And again, these are real wood backs that have been finished to look like Ebony, Teak, and Walnut.

Also, Motorola is hosting a 1-hour sale for the Moto X on Monday, January 27, where you can pick up the phone for $100 off its current price. In case you need help with the math, that brings the 16GB version down to $299 off-contract. Tack on another $25 to that and you can get one made with a wood finish.

So what’s special about this device? Well, it looks pretty – there is no doubt in our minds there. The dark and medium wood colors on the Walnut finish blend perfectly with the black color choices that Tim made for this unit. It feels as amazing as any normal Moto X, but you can that there is something different, something premium going on. While you aren’t going to feel a big knot on your phone, the wood texture is still apparent.

Check it out below.


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moto x walnut moto x walnut moto x walnut moto x walnut moto x walnut



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