Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Coming to Android, Launch Set for Early 2014

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The original creators of Boulder Dash announced a newly-formed game company, and the future launch of Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary, making its way to Android and iOS in the near future. The game will have 50 new levels, never-before-seen worlds, unseen creatures, and plenty of new gem combos. It’s basically a whole new game, which is something you would expect after 30 years. 

The game will feature IAPs, which include additional cave packs that contain new worlds, more creatures, and other features. And for the first time since 1986, there is a fully functional cave editor. Oh, fancy.

The game is set for launch in early 2014, but we have no specific date. Once we know, we will forward along the info.


  • 50+ all-new levels (many designed by Liepa and Gray) and more advanced physics
  • Never-before-seen worlds and new creatures with 3D elements and animations
  • New multicolored gem combos, powerups, collectibles and Dash Mode
  • Cave packs featuring new worlds, additional creatures and features available as In-App-Purchases
  • Cave editor included for the first time since 1986
  • Both male and female characters: Rockford™ and Crystal™
  • First Boulder Dash game ever to include diagonal walls and movement


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