Nest CEO Promises Transparency and Opt-in Choices for Possible Changes to Privacy Policies

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With Google’s acquisition of Nest, many around the web joked that Google would use the information collected by the smart smoke detector and thermostat to ultimately sell ads to users. While Google’s exact plans for Nest are unknown at this time, Nest’s CEO Tony Fadell addressed any possible privacy concerns with current users and future buyers, stating that the company will remain completely transparent on any privacy policy changes, and that all changes made will be completely opt-in based. 

Fadell states that all of the information currently collected is only being used to monitor products, and ultimately, it is used to make them better. As of right now, Fadell mentioned that there have been no changes to any policies, but during meetings with Google’s Larry Page and other executives, the two companies came away with a lot of fantastic ideas that they hope to inject into Nest in the coming years.

While users shouldn’t be too afraid right now, there is no doubt that at the end of the day, Google is one of the largest data mining companies in the world. What is at least reassuring is that it seems Nest’s CEO is completely open about any future changes the company plans to make, so that has to count for something.

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