Traffic Citation Against Woman Wearing Google Glass Thrown Out by Judge in California

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In October of 2013, Cecilia Abadie made headlines all around the tech industry after being issued a traffic citation for wearing Google Glass while driving. Initially, the CHP (CA Highway Patrol) officer initiated a traffic stop after Abadie was speeding, but then noticed that she was wearing Google Glass. Since California drivers are not allowed to have a TV screen or any type monitor in use directly in front of them while driving, she was issued a second ticket.

Yesterday in a California courtroom, a judge ruled that since the officer couldn’t prove beyond reasonable doubt that Abadie was using the device, and Google Glass’ screen was on while she was driving, she was not breaking the law and dismissed the citation. 

While this is a major win for Abadie, the ruling sets no real legal precedent as to whether Google Glass will be completely legal while behind the wheel of a car in California. For now, the law seems to only care if Google Glass is turned on and spitting out navigations while you are behind the wheel. If you happen to own a pair of Glass, we would continue to recommend that you not use Glass while driving, since you could still get a citation.

Enjoy the sweet smell of a small victory, glassholes.

Via: Reuters | ABC News



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