Moto X Arrives in the UK, France, and Germany on February 1

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Motorola has officially announced its 2013 flagship, Moto X, for parts of Europe with a release date of February 1. An event to make the announcement was teased during CES, which we all assumed had to be for this device, even though Motorola execs would only leave us to speculate when asked during an interview. So yes, everything is official now.

The phone – our 2013 phone of the year – will arrive in the UK, France, and Germany at the beginning of next month for £380 or 399 Euros. It’s the exact same Moto X that we have been enjoying stateside since August, only this version will have support for European LTE networks. Potential buyers will be able to buy the phone in either black or white, with some sellers nabbing an exclusive on the white version. 

MotoMaker won’t be available initially, but could arrive in the future. Since we have already seen a job posting for MotoMaker in Europe, I can’t imagine it’ll be too far out. If anything, Motorola could be targeting MotoMaker rollout for their next flagship device.

As far as features go, the Euro Moto X still has Touchless Control, Active Display, and the wrist-twisting quick camera action.

Euro friends, be sure to read our review if you have not done so.

Via:  CNET



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