Facebook Readies “Paper,” a Flipboard-like Competitor for Possible January Launch

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According to sources of Recode inside Facebook, the social network is almost set to launch a reader application, known as Paper. Paper, much like Flipboard, will be an aggregator, combining the web’s top stories, your friend’s status updates and paid advertisements, into a streamlined experience that you will want to read every morning; like a newspaper. 

The source states that this reader has been in the works for quite some time, and was actually intended to be shown off around the same time that Facebook released their News Feed back in March. What’s not exactly known for sure is whether Paper will be a standalone application or a web page that is optimized for mobile viewing. What is known is that the aesthetics of the app are said to be that of like a newspaper. Apparently, it’s supposed to remind us of a time when everyone read the newspaper for their daily news. As a young person, this disinterests me quite dearly, but I know there are some of you who preferred a more simple time in life.

As for release, the timeframe is set for January, although that could change at any time given Mark Zuckerberg’s direct oversight of the project. All projects go right through Mark, so if it doesn’t get his approval, we won’t see it.

Ready for your morning Paper?

Via: Recode



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