Google, Audi to Announce Partnership at CES – Bringing Android to Cars

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According to sources of The Wall Street Journal, next week’s CES should be big not just for small consumer electronics, but for the automobile industry as well. Google and Audi are reported to be teaming up, set to unveil a new partnership and platform to bring the Android mobile OS to vehicles worldwide. 

With Android at the helm of a vehicle’s entertainment system, drivers and passengers will be able to access music, navigation, and applications much like they would from their smartphones, which could also mean Google Now will come as well for drivers to interact with on a hands-free basis.

For anyone who currently has a built-in navigation system in their car, you may know that they aren’t exactly the most advanced technical specimens around. In fact, even newer ones that come in luxury cars just don’t live up to the hype, and frequently experience laggy performance and glitchy software. Take the the Cadillac XTS for example, which was supposed to reinvent the in-car touchscreen multimedia experience yet was mostly a disappointment. If Google and Audi can do it right, this could be an amazing experience for drivers.

CES is next week, so we don’t have long to wait for this one. Show of hands for people that want Android built into your car’s dash?

Via: WSJ



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