NVIDIA, Retailers Offering SHIELD Gaming Unit for Just $249.99

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Hopeful gamers looking to score a deal this holiday season should look at NVIDIA’s website, as the company has marked down the price of SHIELD by $50, bringing the grand total to $249.99. If you caught the DL Show on Wednesday, I personally claimed that SHIELD was the biggest bust of 2013, for the sole reason that it was priced too highly to catch anyone’s interest, and as a result it seems to have sold poorly. 

The device itself is quite awesome, and thanks to recent updates, I find myself using it more and more. If you were previously on the fence about SHIELD, now would be the time to act.

NVIDIA has partnered with all of its retail outlets, making sure all units are priced at $249.99, plus free shipping.

Cheers sargentmajord!



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