Samsung’s Wildest Mega-Budget Ad Campaign Yet: Aliens vs. Messi’s Galaxy 11 in Soccer Match to Save Earth

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For weeks, Samsung has been pushing out teases for a new campaign featuring an all-star soccer (football for you non-Americans) team dubbed the Galaxy 11 that has been put together to take on aliens in a soccer match to determine the fate of Earth. The teases have all featured each player on the team individually, showing how they were recruited, with names like Messi, Ronaldo, Donovan, Rooney, and Oscar each receiving their own segment. We’re talking many of the best players in the world, all combined into one ad campaign for Samsung. 

Today, Samsung posted a 3:52 video teaser/preview/mini-movie to bring it all together. There are special effects, movie-quality action shots, drama, futuristic soccer uniforms, and if I’m being honest, a need for more. The concept may sound silly, but whoever filmed this did a great job at making it feel like more than just the next marketing gimmick. Sure, there are Galaxy Note 3 and Gear appearances, but if you look past those, this is an impressive set of players all brought together with Samsung’s massive marketing budget.

Am I alone in saying that I want to see them finish this out and show us the aliens vs. the Galaxy 11 in a match?




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