Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Tops 10 Million in Global Sales

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According to Samsung Tomorrow, the Galaxy Note 3 has officially topped 10 million in global sales. That figure is most impressive, especially given the fact that it has only been available for about two months. The Galaxy Note 2 took four months to reach the same figure, and as for the OG Note device, it took 9 months to reach 10 million in sales. If only we could have guessed that phablets would have taken over the world in 2013.

Samsung’s President and CEO thanked all of the company’s customers and declared that they will continue to innovate for the people around the world. Here is a choppy translation of what he had to say.

10 million global sales of Galaxy Note 3 and thanks to the support of customers around the world, and the future for the people on the basis of innovation and technology to consumers around the world to provide differentiated value will try more.

Shout out to the Note cult.

Via: Samsung Tomorrow



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