Nokia “Normandy” Reportedly the Company’s Budget-minded Android Device

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An image posted back in November by @evleaks, which showed a red Nokia device, is now being reported as the company’s first step into the Android realm. As reported by The Verge, the device, which is codenamed Normandy internally, is supposedly set to launch in 2014 running a forked version of Android – much like Amazon does with its Kindle line of tablets. According to one source inside Nokia, Normandy is “full steam ahead.” 

The device is said to be a low-cost unit, allowing those at lower income levels to have full access to helpful applications and mobile Internet capabilities. As of right now, it apparently supports Skype (naturally) and other popular Android applications.

What makes Nokia’s interest in the Android OS a bit more interesting, is that Microsoft recently announced the purchase of Nokia, but the deal is still not completely finalized. From what the new report states, Nokia could look to push this device out before Microsoft attempts to axe its plans, given that it is safe to assume that Microsoft would rather push its Windows Mobile OS instead of helping Google any further in emerging markets.

Regardless of the politics, you have to give credit to Nokia who will apparently do anything they can to stay in the pockets of consumers. Keep in mind, Nokia’s former CEO was never been the biggest fan of Google and Android, so maybe Nokia has changed up its tune and is now open to other avenues.

Via: The Verge | @evleaks



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