Not Android, but Awesome: Amazon Prime Air Wants to Deliver Packages to You in 30 Minutes Using Drones

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Life would probably be a lot less awesome if Amazon’s Prime service did not exist. Forget the streaming video part of it all, I’m talking specifically about its free 2-day and low-priced 1-day shipping options when you become a subscriber. I probably can’t even put into words how much I rely on Amazon for personal and professional items to be delivered within a day or two at such low rates. But what if we could get those same items even faster? Amazon is going to try with a new program called Amazon Prime Air that uses drones for delivery. Yes, drones. 

By 2015, Amazon hopes to have seen all of the needed regulations approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) so that their fleet of drones can start delivering goods to consumers in under 30 minutes after ordering. According to their FAQ for the new program, Amazon suggests that drones will eventually “be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today” and that this is not science fiction.

As of right now, Amazon expects to be ready by the time all of the regulations come through, with a limit currently set on 5lb packages that can be delivered within a 10 mile radius of a fulfillment center. Who knows if they’ll be able to expand that reach or weight limit any time soon, but I’d imagine in another two years that their technology will only become more advanced.

Are you at all freaked out by this news or does it sound amazing? Ready for the sky to be filled with Amazon drones?


Via:  Amazon Prime Air



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