Google’s Newest Chrome Experiment is a “Journey Through Middle Earth”

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If you have the free time this week, you will want to check out Google’s latest Chrome Experiment titled, “Journey through Middle Earth.” Built using standard web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, users can interact with a full map of Middle Earth and take a dynamic tour through Tolkien’s world. The idea is to show off the power of the browser engine, and is Google’s way of proving that their browser should be viewed as a serious tool for developers and users alike.¬†

When exploring the map, you can select individual sections to dive into, which reveal a second layer of the world. These areas respond to horizontal parallax scrolling, which is quite interesting given that this is all built using web tools.

There are mini games to play throughout, so as we mentioned, definitely give this a shot if you have time to spare.

Start your journey right here.

Via: Google Developers



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