Google Releases Newstand to Android – Combines Currents and Magazines to Give You News in One Place

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google newstand

Google unleashed their newest product this morning called Newstand, which is a combination of Currents and Play Magazines. It’s sort of like a newsreader/magazine hub/read-it-later all-in-one type of app. You can still purchase and subscribe to your favorite magazines, but you can also find news from your favorite sources (like Droid Life), bookmark items to be read later, and explore other items that you may find interesting. 

google newstandgoogle newstandgoogle newstand

We aren’t sure if Currents will be completely killed off, but would assume so eventually. For now, it’s all about Newstand. Truthfully, we’re kind of liking this idea of an all-in-one reader from Google, especially after playing with it for a few minutes.

You can swipe between columns with ease, access the hamburger menu should you need more control, and again, subscribe to Droid Life to get all of your news. Once subscribed, you’ll see our news feed, YouTube stream, and even have the chance to listen to our podcast from within the same app. We know that many of you wanted to see the return of a Droid Life app, but this offers you a much better experience than we could for the time being.

Newstand also does some cool things when it comes to recommending you new content. It does its best to learn from you as you read and should only get better about it as you read more. It’ll even give you hashtag like categories to tap on to get you into similar articles. Oh, it also works great on tablets and phones.

The update should be rolling out at any minute, so check the play store.

google newstandScreenshot_2013-11-20-09-21-29Screenshot_2013-11-20-09-21-44

Play Link

And if you haven’t seen the update yet, feel free to sideload the app now. [Download Link]



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