Secret Google Barge in SF Bay to be “Invite Only” Retail Space, Not Data Center

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Google barge

If you have been following the news surrounding a mysterious Google barge that has been constructed near Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, then you will know that no one has been able to quite put their finger on what exactly it is. Early reports suggested it was going to be a secretive data center, but now thanks to a “confirmed” source of CBS, the barge is to be used for an “invite only” retail space – complete with a luxurious party deck and exclusive Google X division showrooms. 

According to CBS, Google will showcase Google Glass, and other various Google X projects to special guests on the barge, with the company’s very own Sergey Brin overseeing the project. The barge is apparently constructed entirely of shipping containers, which will allow Google to quickly break it down, and then build it back up wherever they need it.

Naturally, not much else is known, as Google is even having certain Coast Guard members who board the ship for regulation purposes sign NDAs. So whatever it is, it’s neat.



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