Motorola Launches Migration Tool for iOS Users Buying a Moto X on MotoMaker

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For any iOS users that are currently looking to pick up a Moto X through MotoMaker, Motorola released a tool this week that should make the data migrating process extremely simple. If your life’s work, such as all of your contacts and important meetings, are stored in iCloud, you can migrate all of that over right through MotoMaker. As soon as you purchase your new device, you will be prompted to migrate data from your iPhone. To do so, just throw in your Apple ID and password, and let the process begin. 

Motorola’s Punit Soni says there is a long way to go to make this process even better for customers, so we are curious as to what we could see in the future. Music and photo transfer? That would be nice.

Are there any ex-iPhone owners here that are now rocking Android?

Via: +Punit Soni



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