OPPO Looking for Pioneers to Help Tell Their Story With the New N1

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Just last month, OPPO made headlines by announcing that their newest device, the N1, would be the world’s first device to ship with CyanogenMod pre-installed. The N1 is notable for lots of other features, including a rotating camera on the top and a touch-sensitive back. Unfortunately for us here in the States, the announcement was in Beijing while most of us were asleep, so OPPO is turning to us to tell the N1’s tale. 

Taking to their website today, OPPO is calling out for Pioneers to enlist in a program that will serve as a form of viral marketing for the company and device. Once chosen, these Pioneers will receive an N1 and be asked to report back each week with a photo and post about how the N1 works into their daily lives. OPPO is not asking for ordinary people however, they want “passionate people with colorful lives full of moments worth capturing.” They want to know how the OPPO will “enhance your life” if you want to get in on this program. This all sounds similar to Google’s Glass Exporers program, which has been working well for them so far.

So what do you say, do you want to try out to be an N1 Pioneer? What activities of yours would you capture with the N1?




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