LetsTalk is Selling the Verizon LG G2 at $29.99 for New Contracts, $79.99 for Upgrades (Updated)

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I don’t know why or if it’s on purpose, but LetsTalk is currently selling the brand new LG G2 from Verizon for $29.99 if you sign-up as a new customer, or $79.99 with an upgrade. That’s…umm…a crazy good deal. Verizon is offering the phone at $199, Amazon doesn’t have it yet, and other online dealers are only going as low as $149. How on Earth LetsTalk is able to sell this top tier phone at such a ridiculously low price is beyond me, but hey, we won’t complain.

At least one reader of ours was able to place an order, and so far hasn’t seen a cancellation or a “whoops we screwed up!” email. Cross those fingers. Then go order.

Update: ¬†LetsTalk has now pulled the G2 listing. Let’s hope they at least honor orders that were placed.

Also, if you pop in promo code “letstalkpromo” during checkout, you could save an additional $5. As you can see from the screenshot, LetsTalk does free overnight shipping as well.

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