Starbucks Drops AT&T WiFi, Picks Up Google’s 10x Faster Offering Instead

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Everyone always tells me I should leave the cave and go work from a Starbucks for the day. Well, now that the coffee giant has decided to drop AT&T’s WiFi, and instead will offer Google’s, I might be so inclined to do so. Google will now offer WiFi at participating Starbucks stores, capable of offering speeds up to 10x faster than AT&T’s current speeds. 

The service will appear in new Starbucks stores over the next month and will then filter out to the remaining 7,000+ coffee shops throughout the country. Starbucks’s Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman, had this to say on the newest partnership with Mountain View.

We do hope this is one step amongst many that we can continue to build upon what’s already a great partnership with Google.

Thanks to Google’s WiFi, can we expect Starbucks to start selling more grande coffees with two pumps vanilla, three raw sugars with room for cream?




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