Assemble Your Crew of Friends and Yell Out Technobabble in Spaceteam for Android

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If you can talk your friends into having some fun, go and download Spaceteam on your iOS and Android devices. With Spaceteam, a team of 2-4 players must save a spaceship that is in distress. How do you save it? By yelling crazy space jargon at each other, of course! 

Connecting multiple devices over WiFi or Bluetooth, each player is given a set of buttons and instructions on how to save your ship from an exploding star. The only issue is that your instructions are on your friend’s display, so you must work as a team if you are to survive. Remember to keep a cool head and channel your inner Jean-Luc Picard.

The game is free to download, so go give it a try with a friend or two.

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Cheers Ben and Chris!



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