Video: Android Team Explains the Design Choices Behind the New Google Play Apps

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In this week’s Android Design in Action show, Android team designers Marco Paglia and Owen Otto take us on a tour of the process involved in recreating Google Play (version 4.0) and its accompanying apps. As you know, the new Google Play features a card-style design that is responsive to the type of device you are using, but it’s also about putting bigger images in your face, making content easier to find, and navigating a breeze. This 30-minute clip explains scaling, grid sizes, and the choices behind the entire new look of Google Play and Google Music that you are using today.

Whether you are an app designer or not, it’s always interesting to dive into the minds of someone on the Android team, especially when they let you inside their thought process when it comes to major overhaul of an app we use all of the time.

Also, here are a bunch of the slides from the video if you want the shortened version of it all.



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