Recent Poll Shows Americans Really Like Google, 83% Give Favorable Opinions

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According to a recent poll done by The Washington Post,  a whopping 83% of one thousand Americans questioned have favorable opinions of Google, approximately 10% more than that of Apple and more than 20% over Facebook. Interestingly enough, Apple’s number took a big dive from last year’s figures in the crucial 30 and under age range, dropping from 81% for favorable opinions down to nearly 70%. How those numbers will change once they actually start releasing products again is yet to be determined. 

Polls like this are somewhat interesting, but we do wish more detail was thrown in, possibly to give more insight into why people are liking Google so much. What has Apple done to deserve such a drop in approval? We would like to think that Google’s success among the average American is part in thanks to Android and its growth rate, but it’s unknown.

Given this is an Android blog, we assume most of you approve of Google and think highly of the company, but is there anything about Google you don’t necessarily care for? Something you wish they would do different? Feel free to weigh in down below.

Via: BGR | Washington Post



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