Evernote, Chrome Beta, Falcon Pro, and DashClock All Receive Updates

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The day was filled with app updates for some of our favorite apps, with the biggest probably coming from Evernote. The popular note-taking app received its “most requested feature of all time,” Reminders. Users can finally add reminders to notes, set alarms, and pin notes to the top of note lists, so that their lives can either feel complete or on the verge of becoming complete at all times. The Evernote update also improved copy and paste, corrected photo orders, improved shortcuts, and improved Japanese support. 


But like I said, Evernote wasn’t the only app to receive an update. Falcon Pro pushed out multi-account support (was previously in beta), improved the look with a flatter UI, introduced a black theme, added column swiping, and transition animations. It’s a solid update that beta testers have been enjoying for a few days.

Chrome Beta received an update as well, along with DashClock. Neither are significant, but wanted to make you aware.

The changelogs for each app are included below.


Reminder: 3 features in 1

  • Alarms: Set due date and notifications for your notes
  • Note based to-dos: Mark notes as done
  • Pin notes: Order Reminder manually or by date

More Reminders features

  • Create Reminders in any note view and note composer
  • View Reminders by notebook
  • Subscribe to Reminders in Shared and Business Notebooks

Other improvements

  • Improved copy/paste in note view
  • Corrected photo order in multi-shot camera
  • Improved shortcuts functionality
  • Improved Japanese support

Chrome Beta (fixes):

  • 247034: Dangerous download infobar is shown for almost every download
  • 244052: PDF file isn’t downloading with Flywheel enabled
  • 178893: Multiple new tabs links displayed in tab history when tapping on NTP tabs

Falcon Pro:

  •  NEW : Multi Account Support
  • NEW : Flat design UI
  • NEW : Black Theme
  • NEW : Option to Swipe between columns (Android 3+)
  • NEW : Transition animations (Android 3+)
  • Bugfixes and improvements


  • NEW! Translations for Greek, Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Calendar extension now shows the current appointment if it started in the past 5 minutes
  • Fixed a few issues related to all-day events
  • Fixed a couple crashes

Play Links:  Evernote | Chrome Beta | Falcon Pro | DashClock



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