Battle Cats, the Ultimate App for all out Kitteh Warfare

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Fight off the endless wave of dog attacks in Battle Cats! This game, which seems to be growing in popularity at an insane rate, is fun to play and very colorful. It is sort of a tower defense meets Plants vs. Zombies game, as you must protect your kitty castle from oncoming enemies. 

There are different cats you can choose to help in the fight, then each cat can also be upgraded once you reach a certain level. Once you have enough of a power up, you can call on God Cat to get you out of any close calls, but only use that power when absolutely necessary. You only get so many miracles. The game is free through Google Play, so go grab it and get your Battle Kitteh on.

And please tell me, is that not thee coolest game trailer you have ever seen? So epic.

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