New App Claims to Unroot Any Android Device With a Single Tap

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How many times over the years do you think we have seen the question “How do I unroot?” pop up in the comments or our inbox? Without an official count, I’d say we’re hovering around 52,342…wait 52,343 now. With warranty claims or new OTA updates seemingly always on the horizon, you get where we are going with this, right? As much as we like to root phones and tablets, there are plenty of occasions that require you to return your phone back to somewhat of a factory state.¬†

Enter Matt Groff’s Universal Unroot application that was released to Google Play, today. Assuming you already have root access (if you don’t, then why are you attempting to use this app?), Universal Unroot will unroot your device with the tap of a single button. As you’ll see in the video we have included up top, this app should work on a variety of phones (mostly Motorola devices seem to have been tested). Should your device come back with an error and not unroot, hit up the Play store listing and email him so that he can work on compatibility.

We reached out to Matt to see exactly what is being removed during this process and he said that it “unroots all possible locations and names of the su binary and all versions of Superuser.” So there you have it.

Unroot without the hassle.

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