Ninja SMS, Brings Chat Head-like Texting Feature to All Android Phones

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When I walked away from Facebook’s press event last week, there was one thing I was truly excited for – Chat Heads. They allow for users to chat with friends over any application that is currently in use on your device. It removes the need to choose between a conversation with your friends and a game/movie/app you are using. In short, it’s genius.¬†

Recently launched for Android is Ninja SMS. What this app does is pretty much like Chat Heads, except it isn’t for instant messages, it’s for text messages. When you get a text and are busy in an app, it pops up a box displaying the sender, the message and a few action buttons. With these buttons, you can select a lighter transparency so you can continue watching your YouTube video while conversing with your friends, minimize the chat into a single block with your friends picture for easy hiding and moving around your display, as well as going into full-screen mode for a full on chat experience.

I have been using it all morning and so far, I think I love it. My only issue is that of course, I use Google Voice, so my contact pictures don’t show up at all since I forward my Voice texts to the stock messaging app to get Ninja SMS to work. Either way, if you text from your direct phone number and have contact pictures set, I think you will enjoy this app quite a bit.

It costs a single dollar on Google Play, but check out the promo video below to get a feel for what the app does.

Play Link ($0.99)



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