First Galaxy S4 Screenshots Show Off Specs, New TouchWiz Smart Features, and More

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This morning, we have two sets of screenshots to discuss, both of which hint at some of the new features and specs we may see when Samsung unveils the new Galaxy S4 on March 14. The first set that arrived was thought to be from the new Galaxy, but later debunked to simply be from a leaked Android 4.2.1 ROM for the Galaxy S3. The second set may actually be from the device, as a couple of the screenshots reveal specs that match up to what has previously been rumored, yet are also not found in any current Samsung phone. 

The shots that are purportedly from the GS4 are at the top of this post and directly above this sentence. What we’re seeing is a slightly tweaked TouchWiz UI with a grey back instead of black in the Settings menu, transparent notification bar from home, and new Smart features call Pause and Scroll. Smart Pause looks as if it will pause a video you are watching should you turn your head and look away from the screen. Smart Scroll is a feature that was rumored a week ago as a way for the device to scroll through internet pages, emails, etc. as your eyes stare at the screen.

Below, we have screenshots from a Galaxy S3 ROM that show similar features, but also dive deeper into this Smart Scroll. You can see in the settings for this feature that you can adjust the speed and acceleration of the scroll and also decide which apps can take advantage of it.

Last, we have a couple of screenshots (mid-post) that show what appear to be a confirmation on specs for the new Galaxy S4. What we’re seeing is a 5″ 1080p display (480dpi), quad-core processor clocked close to 1.8GHz, and a 13MP camera (not pictured).

All signs point to a beast of a device when it comes to specs, but more innovation on a software front from Samsung to make the experience more than about power, speed, and efficiency.

Via:  PhoneArena | SamMobile

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