Koush’s Superuser App Hits Google Play – Open Source, Secure, and Powerful

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This morning, Koush launched his all new Superuser application to Google Play. Just last week, Koush detailed why there needed to be another Superuser app, and the reasons listed are pretty good. For starters, the app is completely open source, comes with pin protection, is and always will be free, and comes with proper multi-user support for Android 4.2+ users. 


  • Multiuser support
  • OPEN SOURCE (https://github.com/koush/Superuser)
  • Pin protection
  • Manifest permission support
  • Per app configuration
  • FREE
  • Request timeout
  • Logging
  • Notifications
  • Proper Tablet UX

If you plan on using, make sure your device is already rooted or at least running a custom recovery.

Play Link



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